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Every pump mounted is tested, which has brought great news: Argal‘s latest innovation came out with outstanding results after some improvement made by our AODD experts. We are pleased to present you the update on the ASTRAevo series‘ performance. It is a significant step forward in the future of diaphragm pumps but not only: the Astraevo series brings the AODD pumps to the next level of innovation, performance and quality.

Available from size 1/2″ to size 2″, Astraevo are made of high-quality materials for giving our customers the best solutions. The innovation in these air-operated gems stands in the components – conceived with the latest technologies.

Astraevo Overview



Performance and Air Consumption


Argal Quality is synonym with close attention to details.
Our Engineers care about the quality and reliability of our products and do not hesitate to test them more than the necessary. These tests have revealed outstanding results by showing unexpected performance. As per example, our DDE 650 pump has initially been made for performing capacities up to 650 l/min, but tests unveiled unseen-before capacities that now reach up to 715 l/min with air consumption of 3500 Nl/min (instead of the expected 4800 Nl/min).
Astraevo pumps are the ideal products customer look for: higher performance, constant pressure, reduced consumption and high-quality materials. 


We offer many combinations of excellent materials chosen for their properties and characteristics according to the liquid to the pump.
PP – chemically and mechanically resistant thermoplastic polymer, ideal for corrosive and moderately abrasive liquids.
PVDF – highly stable fluoropolymer with high abrasive resistance, ideal for highly abrasive and corrosive liquids and with high temperatures.
ALU – light and recyclable material with excellent mechanical, chemical and electrical resistance, ideal for solvents.
AISI 316L – high mechanical and chemical resistance ideal for corrosive agents such as solvents, hydrocarbons, organic fluids. Slightly resistant to strong acids.
AISI 316L SP (FDA regulation) – Astraevo pumps are naturally available in the FDA version.
Beyond the high performance and the premium quality components, our AODD pumps also offer reliability, safety and efficiency throughout the materials.
The pump itself (whether the performance than the components or material of construction) can alter the final product quality which is why we took care of the smallest details, to meet the FDA conformity and our customers’ requests.
Astraevo FOOD (SP)’s materials of construction comply with FDA regulation: the parts in contact with the liquid are made of electroplated AISI 316L, and the surface roughness is made of 125 Ra (with an average of 2,7 μm) – both materials are certified for sensitive food applications. Naturally, the FOOD version complies as well with the Ex-proof version for operating in dangerous atmospheres.
Astraevo FOOD pumps are made for transferring sensitive liquids that need to be processed carefully. They are usually installed where a quick release clamp connection is required, such as food and beverage plants (from chemical additives to dairy), pharmaceutical plant and medical appliances, biotechnologies, cosmetics as well as paint production. Within these sectors of application, Astraevo FOOD can efficiently pump liquids with temperatures up to 95°C and with very high viscosity: butter, whipped cream, mayonnaise, honey, marmalade, tomato sauce, yogurt, olive oil, toothpaste, gel, glycerine, shampoo, SAE70 and SAE30 oils, paper pulp in water, barbotine, grease lubricant, mineral oil, painting and more…
Astraevo can operate with higher performance along with reduced consumption, reliable operations.



Because we want to make our air-operated double diaphragm pumps fitting with every requirement of the market, we propose many different configurations to our customers.

Astraevo pumps are settable for being easily installed as a self-priming pump, suspended pump, mounted on a trolley or with a positive suction feature.

We offer a standard configuration, but many settings are available.

standard connections                                                      available connections 

Thermoplastic and metallic pumps can be configured with all the connections available. For the AISI 316L pumps, connections are possible up to the model 160Astraevo FOOD pumps are only settable with standard connections.
ARGAL has a complete and highly efficient range of AODD pumps but to optimise it at the best, we offer accessories to set with Astraevo to control the pumps’ operations:

ARGARD – diaphragm leakage detector.
Pressure Gauge – system for setting pressure of the working pump.
ASTRAevo Drum – perfect for emptying barrels, drums and cans.
ASTRAevo Gemini – delivery and suction manifolds can be doubled in this configuration so that two products can simultaneously be pumped.
ASTRAevo Combi – efficient and mobile solution to transfer liquids from mobile or fixed tanks to fire hose for intervening during emergencies.
ASTRAevo Free – the fluid is carried by compressed air while an electric signal controls the speed. In this way, metering measurement and other applications of the electric command can be majorly accurate.



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