ZGS versions have the impeller keyed to shaft and shaft fitted with sliding rings mechanical seal. They can be fitted with various mechanical seals, produced either by ARGAL or other leading manufacturers.  Their construction them resistant to a wider range of corrosive and/or moderately abrasive chemical liquid of common use and to sea water.

Capacity: up to 900 m3/h
Construction: long-coupled
Motor powers: kW 3 : 160
Wetted parts: Fiberglass


8 models available (sized in inches, suction x delivery x impeller):

  • 3x2x8

  • 3x2x10

  • 4x3x8

  • 4x3x10

  • 6x4x10

  • 6x4x13

  • 8x6x13

  • 10x8x15

General curves